FARES FARHAN Human Interface Designer
Hi, I’m Fares, a designer living in Singapore Bandung, Indonesia. I love designing things that are joy to use and aesthetically pleasing. I was graduated with a major in Software Engineering and minor in Human Computer Interaction. When I’m not designing, I spend time playing drums and reading. I also like to cook and help friends tuning their car.

I'm now working at DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore as Principal Designer in Consumer Banking Group.

Over the course of almost a decade and half, I have worked with multiple disciplines as well as other related design disciplines including interaction design, user interface design and user experience design. I have challenged my self with various projects, solving design-related problems for startups and big companies.
Previously, I was UI designer in Dropbox Gateway team, designing their internal tools where my duties were defining visual design as well as interaction design, including creation of wireframes and hi-fidelity UI mockups.

I was also honored to lead the redesign process of Xamarin Studio IDE user interface.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Feature / Content Organisation
  • Deciding what are the issues to solve
  • Prioritising the features and tasks
Outcome: Mindmap Sample
  • User Segmentation
  • Persona
  • Gathering examples or similar solution
  • Determining goals using HEART categories and Goals-Signals-Metrics
Outcome: UX metric worksheet Sample
  • Identifying end-user needs
  • Generating ideas for identified needs
  • Task Decomposition based on the needs
  • Create user story based on the needs
Outcome: User Stories Sample
  • Combine, expand and refine ideas to serve user needs
  • Create multiple version of proposed solution
  • Eliminate possible redundant solutions
  • Decide which solution to be implemented
Outcome: Storyboard Sample
  • Paper and pen / hand sketch
  • Wireframe
  • Mockups
Outcome: Interaction Flow Sample
  • Slide presentation
  • Native (partially implement View part of MVC model)
Outcome: Interactive Mockup
  • A/B test
  • Live / guerilla test
  • Lab test
Outcome: Success metric
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